Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Thoughts and Updates

I was driving home from work today and remembered that 1. I have a blog, and 2. I'm not very good at updating it regularly. So I decided I would just do one random update with things we've been doing or random thoughts.

Fourth of July - For the second year in a row Jeremy and I went north for the fourth and spent the long weekend with his family in Soda Springs. The fourth of July is THE holiday in Soda Springs. Anyone who is Anyone in Soda can be found cruising the town during the patriotic festivities. On Saturday the city hosted a co-ed softball tournament. Some of Jeremy's high school friends put together a team and invited us to play. I was very nervous about this because I am NOT good at softball, however, I am VERY competitive and so sometimes those two things don't mix. Our team wasn't the greatest and we lost our first two games and were out of the competition but we did have a lot of fun. Jeremy was the best player on our team and had tons of good hits and even a home run. I was just happy that I didn't strike out.

On Monday we attended the parade where we were given these.

Now really, what is more American than an American flag made in China? My answer is nothing! This represents America perfectly. Why would we spend time making a silly cheap flag, when we can simply outsource it to a country that can mass produce it at a much cheaper cost? So I proudly waved my Chinese born American Flag and thoroughly enjoyed the parade. Needless to say we enjoyed our time in Soda.

Basketball - Jeremy and I have recently been pretty obsessed with the NBA's free agency circus. I cannot believe how ridiculous and out of control it has gotten. It has really made me start to hate professional sports. However, I have LOVED the Jazz since I was little and cannot abandon them so we continue to watch and speculate with everyone else. I have a co-worker who grew up in Cleveland and he is OBSESSED with sports, particularly Cleveland sports teams, even more particularly the Cavs and Lebron James. Needless to say, he was absolutely crushed when Lebron left. In hopes of helping him feel better, my co-workers and I prepared a little gift.

And finally to finish off my random post I have a story about my lunch today. Jeremy prepares our lunches everyday because I am SUPER slow at getting ready in the mornings. Today I was at lunch enjoying my nice sandwich with my co-workers when I bit into something that tasted kind of funny. Here is what I found: