Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Blog of B's

Bummer - Jan/Feb of 2012 was kind of a bummer for us. But because this is my blog and blogs are intended to show only how perfect and amazing your life is we won't really talk about that. Am I right, Utah Mommy Mormon Bloggers? Now that we have hit March things are on the up and up around here. Spring has sprung and let me tell you, it is perfect here right now. I've started a new job. And Jer is keepin' on keepin' on at his job.

Bubbles - I'm the first to admit that my homemaking skills are what most would consider. . . Outstanding (sarcasm font)! One day I was being extra special, more special than I normally am and had a run in with the dishwasher.
Now I know that dish soap can't go in the dishwasher. I really do know that. I'm pretty sure I did this same thing when I was in college, which is when you are 18 and supposed to do stupid things. In my defense, I was confused by the Canadian bottle of dish soap that we had, and I was felling extremely lazy. Even as I put it in I knew it was wrong but somehow I convinced myself that if I watched it I could prevent the outpouring of bubbles. I couldn't. I left the room for seriously 3 minutes to change and came back and the ENTIRE kitchen floor was covered in bubbles. I'm not even exaggerating, it was the entire floor. I was so furious that I refused to take pictures of the room o' bubbles. Now I wish I had, but seriously, how special do you need to be?

Bikes - due to the aforementioned perfect weather we have been able to ride our bikes often this winter and now Spring. It has been awesome! I am now bike commuting to work which I absolutely love. It keeps me sane. My commute now makes me realize how dangerous my commute in SLC was. I don't know what I was thinking. I am basically riding through neighborhood side streets for 90% of my ride. It is so nice to not feel like you are going to die the entire time. This is my bike.
Equipped with new front and back safety lights purchased by Jer for my safety.
This also shows my tire repair kit on the back of my bike that my parents gave me for my birthday. I feel safer having it knowing that if something happens during my commute I will be prepared. However, I'm also fairly sure that if I were to get a flat I would have no idea how to use the tools to fix it. This is Jer's bike. We have twiner bikes. Except his is twice as nice and cost less.
This is me getting ready to head out on my morning commute. Safety shirt and all.
This picture was supposed to show my safety lights in action but it more just shows the awesome condition of our front lawn. Last Saturday it was completely white/yellow. Now half of it is green as can be. I'm sure by next week the whole thing will be green thanks to this humidity.
Begging - And to take off from the bike theme we will move to begging. We have registered to ride in the MS-150 in September. In order to do this we have to fundraise a minimum of $200 each. So now is your chance my 3.5 blog readers to make a donation toward MS Research so that Jeremy and I can go out and ride our tails off.

Bills - In January we received a $130 gas bill. Jer about pooped his pants. I actually think he did but he denied it. That was very frustrating because we had not been using the heat very much so for the rest of the winter we kept the house at 60 degrees! It was rough. Me and my snuggie became very close. And now it is heating up and Jer is too scared to run the AC so now we just sweat to death in the humidity. . . and it's only 75 outside. We are in trouble.

Blankets - And now that it has warmed up we need to find a way to stay cool enough to sleep at night so out with comforter and in with the lighter quilts. However, it is too much for us to share a blanket because then we might actually have to be close to each other so this is how we will roll.
p.s. don't make fun of the nasty old orange quilt, because Jer loves it more than me and will take it VERY personal.