Monday, June 27, 2011

One Car Family

On Friday we turned in our Nissan because the lease was up. This was a very sad day. It's like we lost a member of the family. We've had a lot of good times in that car. We took that car on our first date and Jeremy backed it into a pole in a parking garage. I knew how much he loved that car and felt so bad but he just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. We took that car to St. George when we started dating and I slept the entire way down and Jeremy had no one to talk to the entire drive. We took it up to Logan in the pouring rain to watch my brother play soccer and I think that was one of the first times Jeremy had really been around my family. Just a lot of good memories in that car.

We aren't going to buy a new car until we are in KC and until we absolutely have to so we will be a one car family with the Honda for awhile. I've decided that I will be a bike commuter from now until we move. Today was day 1, and I didn't die so I consider it a success. It is about 7.5 miles each way and took me 50 minutes to get to work and about 40 to get home. Coming home was much easier but super hot so I can't decide which way I like better. There are showers at my work so I just use those when I get in. I am too scared to ride on the rode on certain streets and I get stopped at lots of lights so it does take awhile but I am really excited about this and hope I can stay committed for the rest of the summer. Wish me luck!

Swamp People

People of the World, you need to listen to me. This is probably top 5 most important things I have blogged about yet. You all need to start watching Swamp People. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We have been watching it since it started and it is about to finish up Season 2. Seriously, people do what you gotta do but start watching this show. It is on the History Channel and it is so good. It follows all these alligator fishermen in Louisiana. They only have a few weeks each year to hunt gators and this documents their stories. We have learned so much from this show that we didn't even know existed. First, who knew you needed subtitles to understand what people are saying who live just a few states away? Second, did you know there is a fish that is half gator half fish? I didn't think it even existed but it does, it's front is like a gator and it's back is like a fish and it jumps out of the water and is crazy looking.

This is Junior and Willie, they are a father son combo and we really like them. Willie is so skinny but he just holds onto that rope and hauls those gators in. He actually got shot, by his dad, in one episode and just kept right on fishing. He is crazy. It is also pretty funny how he will be wrestling a gator and all the while a small little cigarette is dangling from his mouth. Too funny! Sometimes when Junior and Willie see a gator just swimming in the open water they use this hook thing and just throw it out in the water and try to hook the gator and then yank it up so they can shoot it. It is really impressive.

RJ and Jay Paul. This is another father son combo and they were just added to the show this year. These two are fighters and they will get into it with anybody. Poachers. Other fishermen. Big huge barges making waves in the canal. They are also very buff.

Tommy and Joe. Joe is Tommy's step father but they have been fishing together for a long time. These two are pretty funny. Tommy is constantly screwing up by not putting bullets in the gun, or leaving stuff and Joe is always on his case. But when they have a good fishing day they are hilarious to watch.

Clint and Troy. Troy is by far our favorite person on the show. He has a great accent and is constantly saying things like "Shoot Em!!!!" or "It's a tree shaker, we got a tree shaker!". Troy is also super nice and super good.

If this hasn't gotten you excited I don't know what will. Start watching today!

Running Fools

As I mentioned in my previous blog Jeremy and I have been training for a half-marathon. We started training in March and the race was June 6. We ran in the Utah Valley Half-Marathon. The race started in Provo Canyon close to the Sundance turnoff and we ran down the canyon and along University Avenue in Provo to Center Street. We had a great time. Don't get me wrong, it was extremely difficult and I struggled to get through it but it really was a good experience and we are both really happy that we decided to buckle down and do it. We had a lot of fun through the training process which included me taking a nose dive on one training run and completely falling on the sidewalk because I didn't pick my feet up high enough, I also puked up GU in front of a line of cars at a traffic light and did other equally embarrassing things throughout our training.

Now before you read the rest of my post you need to read this article:

I read this article a few months ago and found it very intriguing because I had always wondered why you never really heard of athletes having to go take a potty break even though that happens in real life. Well during our race I experienced the cold hard truth of pushing your body farther than you have pushed it before and had some intestinal issues. All I could think about while running was how I didn't want to be the girl to poop her pants running through the finish line. I couldn't focus on anything else. Finally at mile 11 we stopped at the port-a-potties but I got performance anxiety. Again at mile 12 I had to race to the bathroom to ensure that I wouldn't have one of the experiences mentioned in the article. I hadn't had any issues while training so I don't know why this happened on race day but after the race Jeremy told me his stomach wasn't feeling so great either so that made me feel better. I kind of want to do another one so that we can get a better time by not taking bathroom breaks along the way but I don't know if my body can handle it. I am just not a runner.

Here are some pictures from the race.

Asking for Water

So Tired

Happy we got our medals!