Monday, June 27, 2011

One Car Family

On Friday we turned in our Nissan because the lease was up. This was a very sad day. It's like we lost a member of the family. We've had a lot of good times in that car. We took that car on our first date and Jeremy backed it into a pole in a parking garage. I knew how much he loved that car and felt so bad but he just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. We took that car to St. George when we started dating and I slept the entire way down and Jeremy had no one to talk to the entire drive. We took it up to Logan in the pouring rain to watch my brother play soccer and I think that was one of the first times Jeremy had really been around my family. Just a lot of good memories in that car.

We aren't going to buy a new car until we are in KC and until we absolutely have to so we will be a one car family with the Honda for awhile. I've decided that I will be a bike commuter from now until we move. Today was day 1, and I didn't die so I consider it a success. It is about 7.5 miles each way and took me 50 minutes to get to work and about 40 to get home. Coming home was much easier but super hot so I can't decide which way I like better. There are showers at my work so I just use those when I get in. I am too scared to ride on the rode on certain streets and I get stopped at lots of lights so it does take awhile but I am really excited about this and hope I can stay committed for the rest of the summer. Wish me luck!


  1. So sorry about your loss....the Nissan was good to you. Way to go on the bike riding! I'll always remember the day you came home SOAKED after riding from the U in the pouring even had to stop at KFC for a while to get out of the rain. Hopefully the rain won't continue to follow you since you're a bike commuter now.

  2. So, I have been trying to comment on your blog, but it would never work, and now I think I figured it out. Congrats to your husband on his new job. Deloitte is a good company with a lot of fun perks! They have been good to David, although I would have to say he earns his paychecks:) Have fun living in KC, that will be a great experience!