Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Party

Our ward had a Christmas breakfast which is great for us because it's a lot easier to get out during the day than at night. The twins were scared of Santa again and I was really hoping for a great terrified Santa photo but they had our whole family get in the picture so the boys were relatively calm. 

This past Saturday we were going out to do some errands and decided we should stop somewhere first to let the boys get some energy out so we went to Chick-fil-a. Randomly enough they were having a kids activity day and Santa Cow was posing for pictures. I was 100% pleased with the results. 

Happy Holidays to me I guess. 


I love Halloween with kids! Nothing makes me happier than coming up with a good family theme costume. I hope my kids never have an opinion on what they'd like to be for Halloween because I already have the next few years planned out. 

The day before Halloween was our ward party. Unfortunately it started at 6 and we put the boys down at 7 so they were pretty much terrors shortly after arriving and we left before the actual trunk or treating even began. But I sure did love showing off our Thing 1, Thing 2 and Cat IN a Hat. 

It was not very difficult for the twins to harness their inner Thing 1 and Thing 2. As soon as we arrived they quickly began destroying all of the decorations that had been arranged. 

And who knew red hair and blue hair chalk made super green hair? I just kept putting more and more in and it just kept getting more green. Weird. 

They did a catwalk type thing for the kids and by the time we made it through Hunter was really enjoying himself. 

For Halloween we ended up going over to some shops to do some trick or treating because it started early and then we just took the boys around to a few neighbors right before bedtime. Jeremy and I were quite pleased with the amount of candy we ended up with. Overall it was a lot of work but quite fun to get our whole crew out and about. 

Is anyone listening?

I love how my blog goes from oh here are these funny stories from my life, oh we are having twins, had twins, annnnnd then nothing. And then over a year later here I am. We've been a little busy and a lot overwhelmed. But I still love reading other people's blogs so I thought I'd try writing some more if anyone is still out there silently stalking this blog. 

Oh and we had ANOTHER kid. 

That's our Landon boy. We think he's pretty much the best baby in the world 
minus that he is a horrendous sleeper.  It's hard to fault the guy though since that is basically the only time the child gets attention.

These two:

They are something else. So. Much. Energy. All the time. They do not believe in listening, being controlled in any way, or eating anything that might come from the food pyramid or hexagon or whatever it is these days. We think they are pretty awesome though. Twins are a lot of fun. 

We've learned a few things since having Landon.
1) We know nothing about raising children. . . Still 
2) We have amnesia. So many parents of multiples told us the first year is a blur and we never knew what that meant until having Landon and we truly cannot remember so many things we went through. 

Hopefully if I can blog once in awhile it can help me remember some of the craziness that goes on around here.