Friday, May 25, 2012


Things I love Today:
1. Mortorcycle Hand Wave.  I don't know if you ever pay attention to this or not, but whenever a motorcyclist passes another motorocycle they always do this little one or two finger hand wave.  It's not like a giddy arm flopping in the air wave.  It's just a cool, hey I'm a biker and you're a biker and we're cool little flick of the fingers.  I love it.  I don't know why it makes me so happy to see it but it does.  But if you even think for a second that they would give the same respect to a scooter you are seriously mistaken.  That would be offensive. 

2.  The Return of the Boy Bands.  Oh yes, it's true.  They are back.  Does anything warm your heart more than this picture?
Seriosusly.  The world needs more of this. My world in particular.

3. This Guy.

Because sometimes, you just need to dress like the Geico Caveman and that should be okay.

4. Getting Oversized Overgreen Free T-shirts at Work.

Because I care about the environment.  Okay, I don't really think about it that much but I love getting free stuff so this made the list.

5. Movie Theatre Recliners.  Kansas knows how to do movies.  the AMC theatres here have recliners.  They are great and make going to a movie that much more enjoyable.

6. My Halloween Costume. Yes, I know this was like forever ago.  But I saw this horribly taken picture today and it made me really happy.  I was the Kia Hampster and I was awesome. 

Things that I hate:
1. The NO Trails on Nall People.  I don't even know them but I'm sure if I did I wouldn't care for them.  They have put up these signs everywhere protesting a potential bike/walking trail on the main street by our house.  Need I say more?  These people are lame.

2. People who run/skip/bounce up the stairs on the way in to work every morning.  I don't have a picture of these people but you can imagine the type.  I hate them.  Who runs/skips/bounces up stairs on the way to WORK?  And first thing in the morning?  I can't really imagine a situation I would be bounding up any stairs unless it was some kind of race involving me getting a heaping pile of cash at the end.  I want to tell them that I could very well take the elevator every morning but I begrudgingly trudge up the stairs to convince myself I'm getting exercise and they are ruining it for me.  When these types of people are behind me I like to walk right up the middle of the stairwell as slow as humanly possible.  Eat that suckers!!!

And finally, I'm not sure if this is a love or a hate item.  One day on my bike ride into work I was slowly trudging up this hill.  The hill is not terribly steep it is just long and drawn out.  I believe I was huffing and puffing quite loudly.  All of a sudden out of nowhere this guy comes cruising by me on his bike and as he effortlessly passes me he turns and says "never give up".  Never.  Give.  Up.  I wanted desperately to explain that I had a heavy back pack on and was just feeling kind of lazy because I had been riding a lot, or some other assortment of excuses for why I was riding so slowly but I was so out of breath all I could really do was awkwardly pant in his general direction.