Monday, May 24, 2010

My Husband the Chef!

Nearly everyone who knows Jeremy knows he LOVES food! But it's not just eating food that he loves. He loves watching TV shows about food, reading about food, cooking food, talking about food, basically we loves everything about food. Of course, this is a quality about him that I love because it means he often...well pretty much always, does the cooking. It is AWESOME! He's quite the gourmet chef too. He makes a mean brisket in the crock-pot. Last week I enjoyed his lasagna everyday for lunch at work. And this week his grand plan was to make home made chile verde!

This is Jeremy starting his Chile Verde Adventure.

The recipe called for lots of chile's and tomatillo's to be broiled so he thought he'd get it started before church, hence the outfit.

Once his creation was complete it said to let it simmer for 3 hours on the stove, so we thought we'd just let it cook during church.

BIG MISTAKE!!! Apparently, we let it simmer a little too long. It was very disappointing. We tried the meat and it tasted really good, it was just the sauce that was fried to the pan. This made it even more depressing because we knew it could have been really good. The good news was that we had gone to Costco the night before just as it was closing so we grabbed a take and bake pizza for $5 so we didn't have to starve Sunday night!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's like riding a bike...

Have you ever heard or said the phrase, "it's easy, it's just like riding a bike?" I think it's people that haven't ridden a bike in awhile that say things like that. There is nothing easy about riding a bike. Sure, it was easy when you were like 10 and weighed maybe 70 pounds and were completely clueless about physics and the amount of pain that can be caused by you flying down a hill on a bike, hitting a rock, and then being introduced to the ground. I think that everyone who uses that phrase should immediately have to get on a bike and try riding it, and not just down the side walk. It is quite difficult to keep your no longer 70 pound frame upright and following a straight line, especially when you are terrified about falling and killing yourself. I recently had all of these thoughts rush through my mind as I broke out my mountain bike this spring. We finally went and bought Jeremy a bike so that we could go riding together. I only went out once last year because we were dating and he didn't have a bike which meant I didn't have the time. I was a little nervous to see if Jer could actually ride a bike, but then I remembered he is a boy and boys are some how always good at things like this. We took the bikes out to Draper to ride a portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above the Draper Temple. We had a great time! At first, I thought I was going to die because I wasn't that good at controlling my bike, and I was really tired and out of shape. But after we kept plugging through the ride got better and my body adjusted. Here are some pictures from our first ride of the season.

After our successful first trip we decided to head up Parley's Canyons and ride the Alexander Creek Trail. This is one of my favorite trails but I have never completed it because it gets really steep. We didn't finish it this time either because it was getting dark and we were tired but we had a great time. For some reason every time I am on this trail I think I am going to be attacked by a moose, cougar or beaver. This is not a popular trail so you rarely see anyone else and I am convinced that there are wild animals watching me through the trees. Luckily, we didn't run into any of them on this trip!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Famous Quotes by Denae

I have just been added as an author and had to do it myself because Denae said she added me but in reality she did not. So as my first post on this blog I want to try and add some of Denae's famous quotes so you can see what I get to hear on a daily basis.

Here is what she said today about me faxing in my GMAT scores first thing in the morning.
Denae: "You better do that first thing in the morning because the early worm catches the birds"
Me: "Wow!?!?!?!? I don't think that's right though."

Hopefully I can keep adding to this post. Thank you and goodnight.