Monday, May 24, 2010

My Husband the Chef!

Nearly everyone who knows Jeremy knows he LOVES food! But it's not just eating food that he loves. He loves watching TV shows about food, reading about food, cooking food, talking about food, basically we loves everything about food. Of course, this is a quality about him that I love because it means he often...well pretty much always, does the cooking. It is AWESOME! He's quite the gourmet chef too. He makes a mean brisket in the crock-pot. Last week I enjoyed his lasagna everyday for lunch at work. And this week his grand plan was to make home made chile verde!

This is Jeremy starting his Chile Verde Adventure.

The recipe called for lots of chile's and tomatillo's to be broiled so he thought he'd get it started before church, hence the outfit.

Once his creation was complete it said to let it simmer for 3 hours on the stove, so we thought we'd just let it cook during church.

BIG MISTAKE!!! Apparently, we let it simmer a little too long. It was very disappointing. We tried the meat and it tasted really good, it was just the sauce that was fried to the pan. This made it even more depressing because we knew it could have been really good. The good news was that we had gone to Costco the night before just as it was closing so we grabbed a take and bake pizza for $5 so we didn't have to starve Sunday night!


  1. I've tried to make chili at least 3 times, and it has never turned out. . . good luck, Jer. When you figure out the trick, let me know!!!

  2. That is great Jeremy is a cook. I am glad you won't starve :) Also I love the apron on him. It was more of a gift for D, but oh well...