Monday, January 30, 2012

Date Night

A few months ago a Groupon came through for 10 hot dogs at a place here called the Dawg Pound or something like that. For reasons unbeknownst to me somehow my wonderful husband thought this would be a good Groupon to buy. So, one Friday night we decided to go get our hot dog on and see where the night would lead. For me, the hot dogs were not so great, but everyone else seemed to enjoy them alright which is good because we still have five left. After our hot dog fun I suggested we hit up Power Play, the local teeny bopper arcade/laser tag/bowling/go kart hang out! Luckily, Melanie and Ashwin were game for a good time so we all pitched in and loaded up our Power Play card for a fun filled evening.
I dominated the 4 v 4 racing game.
I did not dominate the dance off.
We did not play this game but I played it when I went here for team building. It is called whirly ball but should really just be called bumper car wiffle basketball. I really want to come back with more people and play it because it was super fun. Basically you have teams and then you drive around and smash into each other while each team is trying to throw a wiffle ball using little scooper thingy's at a hoop. Just trust me, it is pure awesomeness.
What 28-year old guy wouldn't be excited about a room full of arcade games?
Ashwin and Jeremy getting their shoot em' up on.
Jeremy mid power punch.
He's pretty buff.
While getting the pictures for this post from Jeremy's phone I found some other gem's from Christmas and other happenings. Rockin the BYU Snuggie I won in the Hart White Elephant
Our favorite burger place in Utah is now the Burger Bar in Roy. It is definitely worth the trip up there and will be top priority for us when we go home. The onion rings are amazing.
I finally accomplished one of my life long dreams and finally ate at a Cici's Pizza. It was. . . spiritual really. They have a mac and cheese pizza! Can you believe that? Mac and Cheese = awesome; pizza = awesome; mac and cheese pizza = a little slice of heaven.
And finally, we had to invest in a new ice scraper because some how our good one was lost in the move, and Jeremy's solution didn't pan out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House, Kansas and Holiday Update

I'm a little behind the times with what we've been up to so this will be a kind of random post. Many people have asked me about the house and the flies and Kansas. The house is okay, it's really not that bad and it beats an apartment and we love the area, and it's probably nicer than anything else in the price range so we're liking it. The flies are gone for now. I'm told they're dead but I don't understand how if all the flies die in the winter they magically repopulate themselves. It doesn't make sense to me. If they have hatched little fly sacs or something that can survive the winter then I want to find those and kill them. But I can't, and with the buzzing gone I really haven't thought about them much. Kansas is great! We are still liking it out here. We miss our families but it's been really fun to experience living in a new place and we love the area we are in. We look forward to the day we have a house and a yard that we care about and can spend our time doing this:
With the flies pretty much out of the way I don't have much else to complain about, except that sometimes the walls hate what we put on them and decide to revolt.
We actually went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I kind of failed to mention that we went home for Thanksgiving previously. It was a quick trip and we ate a lot of healthy food.
Our neighborhood is really cool, and during the holidays this street just down the road does a candy cane lane that is apparently pretty popular because limos were constantly taking people down it and if you're riding in a limo you are clearly someone in the know.
We didn't have the luxury of being able to fly home for Christmas so we drove. It was such beautiful scenery!
We left on Thursday afternoon before Christmas and drove to Cheyanne, WY. When we got up the next morning I was a little nervous about the temps.
But it ended up being perfect weather for us the entire time we were home. It didn't snow at all and it was actually pretty warm. We were glad we didn't have to deal with any snow storms. We ended up driving 2850 miles and spent 47.5 hours in the car during our 10 day trip. It was WAY too much time to spend in a car. We will be flying from now on. While we were home we did a lot of this:
We almost bought this but then decided it wasn't wise (we've been budgeting, I'll write a separate post about my disdain for budgeting).
We attended a Jazz game which was the highlight of the trip for both of us. We just love the Jazz. For those who thought I was obsessed before it is just getting worse.
And now we are home and getting settled back into a routine. Oh and Jeremy is loving sporting all of his reflective running gear.