Monday, December 26, 2011

Occupy KC 2011

Merry Christmas from the Harts!
From our Occupy camp to yours, wishing you the best this holiday season! And yes, we did actually go to the Occupy camp to take these pics. For those wondering if we are actually Occupy supporters...I'll have to leave you guessing on that one!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flies: 2 Denae: 0

They may have won the battle but they will not win the war.

I do not know how they are doing it but the flies have not been defeated. I first thought I had them with the duct tape on the windows. But then, to my horror, I opened our back door and found them lining the door frame. I threw up in my mouth. That very night I had Jeremy double line the door with weather stripping to keep them out and I thought I had them for sure. But then today the temperatures were up in the 60s again and they returned.

I think the windows are installed improperly and they are somehow able to come and go as they please. OR they live in the walls and are just simply taunting me. I hate them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday Night Football

For Halloween we went to the Monday Night Football game to see the Chiefs play the Chargers. Melanie and Ashwin were able to join us for this event and it was everyones first NFL game. It was so, so great! The game was great, it went into OT by a miracle and we ended up winning. But, the main reason it was awesome was because of the people. Missouri's finest were out and about in all their Halloween glory. We ate at the gas station Oklahoma Joes before the game just to get in the spirit. When we got to the game we were surprised to see that people just pull their cars up on the curb on those little islands of grass and pretty much park wherever they want. The tailgating was in full force by the time we got there. And the alcohol was flowing freely. And because it was Halloween the costumes, oh the costumes, were entertaining and interesting. I think my personal favorite was the girl dressed as an Indian, as in native American not as in from India, that guy was with us, anyway she was dressed as a lingerie wearing indian and when she walked up the stairs if you were below her and looking up you got a nice shot of her behind. Classy. I also liked the girl dressed as a cheerleader who had possibly just been mugged and her clothes were torn and hanging off revealing parts we didn't want or need to see and her delicates. Again, classy. There were also mullets a plenty, real and pretend. Best of all were all the drunk people and their crazy conversations and clumsy high fiveing skills. For example the refs reviewed a touchdown and said it wasn't a touchdown and this girl turned around to Melanie and yelled "WTF is that?" Blame that one on the ah-ah-ah-ahl-cohol. Overall though we had a great night even though it was super super late for me and I feel like death today. If you are wondering why I am blogging so much it is because I figured out this blogging from your phone thing and I don't have to use the computer and upload the pix so it just became about 95% easier.

Monday, October 31, 2011

St. Louis

This past weekend we made a quick trip east to St. Louis. We left Friday after work and made the 4 hour trip that night. We got in town just in time to see the blimp flying over Busch Stadium during game 7 of the World Series. We wanted to go to the game so bad but the tickets were crazy expensive. We ended up going to a restaurant called the Shaved Duck where we watched some of the game. After dinner we went to our hotel and watched the Cardinals win game 7. On Saturday we got up and headed to the St. Louis temple, which was the purpose of the trip. It will sure be nice when the KC temple is done and we don't have to drive so far. After the temple we went to The Hill neighborhood which we heard has a lot of good Italian places to eat and is famous for their hand made toasted ravioli. It was delish! After lunch we headed downtown to the arch. The arch is crazy! I was surprised at how big it is. We got tickets to watch a movie on how it was built and Jeremy tells me it was really interesting as I slept through the show. I needed a nap. After the movie/nap time we got to ride in these tiny little booths up to the top of the arch and take pictures of the view. It was really cool. After the arch we went to Union Station which was kind of run down, I would equate it to trolley square in SLC. And finally we hit up Ted Drewes frozen custard before the drive home. It is one of the famous stops along route 66 and very popular. It was a quick but good trip to St. Louis.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I don't know what it is about this place but I swear it is infested with flies! We get flies in our house all the time and I am going crazy. Literally. I sit and watch the windows for large chunks of time trying to understand how they get in. I think they are coming through a little slit in the window. Jer says it is for venting. I don't care what it is for I hate flies and will do anything to get rid of them. So, I am duct taping the windows.

The Country Club Plaza

We had an enjoyable Saturday riding our bikes to The Country Club Plaza in KC. It is about 7 miles away. It is a really trendy area with a lot of stores and shops. There was also a park we rode around that had this random playground like work out equipment. It was pretty funny to see people seriously acting like they were working out on it. And yes I did take a picture of the little person we saw because I love little people! I also took a picture for my friend Melissa of the wedding party we ran into because whenever her and I would be out on an adventure we would always run into weddings. But it didn't really work cause I was far away and the picture came out dark. Sorry Meloose! On our ride home we rode through the most amazing neighborhoods. I think we saw three country clubs so you can imagine the houses. They were like plantations. They were so huge and had huge lawns. We decided we will live there some day. Also, did you know the KC area has more fountains than any city in the world except Rome? Well, we do. And we saw a lot of those today but I didn't take pictures of many as it is not safe to camera phone and ride your bike at the same time. Another fun fact about KC is that it is NOT flat. I repeat, not flat at all. Very hilly. So yeah, don't be thinking our bike rides involve no effort. These are some of the great things you'll get to see when you come visit! Oh and the homeless people, there were lots of those too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Austin Anniversary

We recently celebrated two years of marital bliss. I can't believe it's been two years already. Luckily for us, my cousin decided she too wanted to be married on the 14th so we made a quick trip to Austin, TX.

We met up with my family at the airport on Thursday night and headed out to The Salt Lick for some change your life BBQ. It was seriously, really really good food. You should all be jealous. If you haven't heard of this place look it up on man vs. food or one of those shows so you can be properly introduced and become even more jealous of us. They cook everything on a large open pit and it has a really good smoke flavor. We did the all you can eat group buffet and so we got to try everything. Again, you should be really mad you aren't me. Jeremy was in heaven. Literally. I believe if Jer were to choose his heaven it would involve him spending eternity at this restaurant and never getting full.

Friday was our actual anniversary and my awesome cousin bought us groupons for a local bike shop so we rented a tandem bike and rode around Austin. It was so much fun/could have potentially been a terrible way to spend an anniversary. A tandem bike requires a lot of trust and a lot of communication. So really we had a therapy session for our anniversary and called it biking. There were a few moments of frustration i.e. Jeremy wrongly accusing me of not pedaling, or me accusing Jeremy of trying to kill us because he turned the bike and I couldn't see where we were going. Overall though we had a lot of fun and our relationship is now stronger due to our therapy session.

Austin has tons of food trucks everywhere. It was so cool. We rode our bike downtown and ate lunch at a couple of food trucks. I got Korean BBQ mexican food and Jeremy got kielbasas. It was super good. After lunch we rode to another food truck that makes really unique donuts. My dad had one with maple frosting and bacon. I had the son of a peach donut that I shared with my mom. Jeremy had nothing because he felt like puking after biking up the hill to get there. I didn't think the hill was that bad and thought it was strange that he kept thinking I wasn't pedaling :).

Friday night was the wedding festivities. The reception was right downtown and we were on a balcony overlooking the very hipster nightlife. Austin is super hipster and I don't think I would be cool enough to live there but I really want to be.

Saturday we had to fly home but not before a quick trip to the Waffle House. Who doesn't love a good Waffle House breakfast?

Overall it was a great way to spend our anniversary and we had so much fun seeing my family and extended family that I haven't seen for a few years.

I'm posting this from the blogger app on my phone so we'll see how the pictures turn out.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Louisburg Bike Ride

We went out to the Louisburg Cider Mill on Saturday and watched them make some cider and bought some cider donuts and fresh cider. It was pretty fun. After the cider fest we drove out to Hillsdale State Park and rode our bikes around for awhile. It was fun to get out and see the countryside.