Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday Night Football

For Halloween we went to the Monday Night Football game to see the Chiefs play the Chargers. Melanie and Ashwin were able to join us for this event and it was everyones first NFL game. It was so, so great! The game was great, it went into OT by a miracle and we ended up winning. But, the main reason it was awesome was because of the people. Missouri's finest were out and about in all their Halloween glory. We ate at the gas station Oklahoma Joes before the game just to get in the spirit. When we got to the game we were surprised to see that people just pull their cars up on the curb on those little islands of grass and pretty much park wherever they want. The tailgating was in full force by the time we got there. And the alcohol was flowing freely. And because it was Halloween the costumes, oh the costumes, were entertaining and interesting. I think my personal favorite was the girl dressed as an Indian, as in native American not as in from India, that guy was with us, anyway she was dressed as a lingerie wearing indian and when she walked up the stairs if you were below her and looking up you got a nice shot of her behind. Classy. I also liked the girl dressed as a cheerleader who had possibly just been mugged and her clothes were torn and hanging off revealing parts we didn't want or need to see and her delicates. Again, classy. There were also mullets a plenty, real and pretend. Best of all were all the drunk people and their crazy conversations and clumsy high fiveing skills. For example the refs reviewed a touchdown and said it wasn't a touchdown and this girl turned around to Melanie and yelled "WTF is that?" Blame that one on the ah-ah-ah-ahl-cohol. Overall though we had a great night even though it was super super late for me and I feel like death today. If you are wondering why I am blogging so much it is because I figured out this blogging from your phone thing and I don't have to use the computer and upload the pix so it just became about 95% easier.

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