Monday, October 31, 2011

St. Louis

This past weekend we made a quick trip east to St. Louis. We left Friday after work and made the 4 hour trip that night. We got in town just in time to see the blimp flying over Busch Stadium during game 7 of the World Series. We wanted to go to the game so bad but the tickets were crazy expensive. We ended up going to a restaurant called the Shaved Duck where we watched some of the game. After dinner we went to our hotel and watched the Cardinals win game 7. On Saturday we got up and headed to the St. Louis temple, which was the purpose of the trip. It will sure be nice when the KC temple is done and we don't have to drive so far. After the temple we went to The Hill neighborhood which we heard has a lot of good Italian places to eat and is famous for their hand made toasted ravioli. It was delish! After lunch we headed downtown to the arch. The arch is crazy! I was surprised at how big it is. We got tickets to watch a movie on how it was built and Jeremy tells me it was really interesting as I slept through the show. I needed a nap. After the movie/nap time we got to ride in these tiny little booths up to the top of the arch and take pictures of the view. It was really cool. After the arch we went to Union Station which was kind of run down, I would equate it to trolley square in SLC. And finally we hit up Ted Drewes frozen custard before the drive home. It is one of the famous stops along route 66 and very popular. It was a quick but good trip to St. Louis.

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