Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Move

It's about time I get on here and post an update about our life since we've made the journey to the Midwest. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but I am really lazy and never wanted to take pictures or upload them but now I am finally forcing myself to do it. Jeremy quit his internship on August 25th and I quit on the 26th. It was weird to leave Nelson Labs knowing that I wasn't coming back. I have been working there for so long it was very strange. My coworkers were so nice and threw me an awesome going away party. They wanted to focus on all of my favorite things so they just brought a lot of food made out of processed cheese. It was wonderful! Some of my good friends also put together a Kansas City survival kit filled with inside jokes from our time working together.
Also on the 26th, we packed up our condo and loaded it into the U-Haul. We had been packing for the past month so we had a lot of it ready to go but it took basically all day and we were so hot and tired and gross by the time we were done. I think every spare inch was used to get all of our stuff packed up. Luckily we had a lot of help from our families, we would have died if we had to do that all our selves.
We spent that night in Heber City and got up early on the 27th and hit the road. Let me tell you, driving a U-Haul is NOT fun, but I did in fact drive it.
Ok, if I'm being totally honest I drove it for about 40 minutes and Jeremy drove the other 19 or so hours, so I pitched in a lot. We were doing really well on the drive until we hit North Platte, NE and after that we were pretty much bored out of our minds and really sick of driving. We really wanted to make it to Lincoln, NE though so we pushed through and made it around 10 or so that night. On sunday morning we slept in and then headed out to finish our last 3-4 hours, what we didn't know is that apparently there was a lot of flooding this year and we couldn't find any road that was open that would let us cross the river into Iowa so we could drop down to Kansas. We ended up just taking a lot of small back road highways and worked our way all the way down to St. Joseph, MO where we were able to cross the river. I think we ended up averaging like 9 miles to the gallon on our trip which was pretty sweet and cost effective (insert sarcasm font here). Overall it really wasn't that bad and I'm sure it will be a lot better in the car rather than a big truck.

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  1. Congrats on the 40 minute pitch in! I'm pretty sure you lasted longer than I would have...I don't know if I even would have tried to drive such a BEAST.