Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Car

After living the dream of being unemployed for about a week I was pretty much done with that and in need a job ASAP to keep my sanity. Luckily I found one pretty quick and started last Monday. However, because Jeremy is working downtown and at client offices all over the place and I will be in Lenexa we needed to finally get a second car. When we were in Miami this was our rental car:
I thought it was very hipster and I really like their commercial so I told Jer that I wanted to get one. He didn't believe me. Then Kia came out with this gem: And I really, really, REALLY wanted one. I LOVE this commercial. Sometimes I just play it on repeat on the computer and wish I had those moves. But, in the end Jer said no, we would not be buying a hipster Kia. So we bought this instead:
Yeah, it's kinda purple. Whatever.

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  1. You are sooooooooo funny...I can totally see you watching that commercial over and when we watched the music video from Hairspray over and over. If only we could dance!