Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to Prairie Village, KS

Yep, Prairie Village, that's where we live now. We arrived here on Sunday the 28th and were really excited to see the house. I think we may have set our expectations just a wee bit high and when we arrived we were a bit shocked at the condition of the house. It was not very clean, had a bad smell, had cob webs every where, didn't look that nice, the back yard was a disaster, there were no window coverings, the washer and dryer were disgusting, some of the construction hadn't been finished, overall it just wasn't what we wanted. So naturally, rather than being calm and rationale about the situation we completely freaked out and considered briefly getting back in the truck and driving home. It was a rough few hours let me tell you! Luckily, Jeremy's parents and sister were here and kindly talked us back off the ledge. After we decided we may have been being a bit dramatic we went back to the house and decided to just make it work. We went to work that first week cleaning our little guts out. I have never cleaned so much in my life. It was ridiculous. I have probably also never sweated so much in my life. We would get to the house and open the windows to air it out so we would turn the A/C off and it got real hot real fast up in here. We also got to spend a ridiculous amount of money that week buying a new living room set, a new washer and dryer and blinds for the whole house. That was a lot of fun for a couple of unemployed bums. But in the end we survived and got the house put together. Again, this would not have been accomplished without the help of Jeremy's parents. They worked themselves to death. Particularly his mom. It seemed like every day we would get tired and want to stop or go eat or something and she would just be working away pushing us to finish one more thing. I'm pretty sure if it was just Jer and I it would have taken at least a month for us to clean this place. We need a lot of timeouts. Now that we've been here for a few weeks and have the place organized we are really starting to like it. The neighborhood is really quiet and seems safe. We are in a good location for our jobs and the ward we are in has been really, really great. We are really happy to be here now. There are still some issues with the house like the plumbing and we still don't have floor transitions between the tile and the wood but overall we are really happy here. I just quickly walked through the house and snapped some pictures and didn't really feel like cleaning things up so go ahead and judge me unrighteously for the disorganized house and the crappy pictures. This is us getting ready to spend our life savings:
This store is huge and sells everything. I lost my iPhone in one of the chairs we sat in and nearly had freak out #2 because I thought it was gone forever but luckily Jeremy found it for me so we were able to avoid that.

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  1. I think you should have snapped some pictures before the deep cleaning week. I think your place is really fixed it up great. I can't believe your land lords didn't buy the blinds!!!!! Good should not have had to buy those!