Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Country Club Plaza

We had an enjoyable Saturday riding our bikes to The Country Club Plaza in KC. It is about 7 miles away. It is a really trendy area with a lot of stores and shops. There was also a park we rode around that had this random playground like work out equipment. It was pretty funny to see people seriously acting like they were working out on it. And yes I did take a picture of the little person we saw because I love little people! I also took a picture for my friend Melissa of the wedding party we ran into because whenever her and I would be out on an adventure we would always run into weddings. But it didn't really work cause I was far away and the picture came out dark. Sorry Meloose! On our ride home we rode through the most amazing neighborhoods. I think we saw three country clubs so you can imagine the houses. They were like plantations. They were so huge and had huge lawns. We decided we will live there some day. Also, did you know the KC area has more fountains than any city in the world except Rome? Well, we do. And we saw a lot of those today but I didn't take pictures of many as it is not safe to camera phone and ride your bike at the same time. Another fun fact about KC is that it is NOT flat. I repeat, not flat at all. Very hilly. So yeah, don't be thinking our bike rides involve no effort. These are some of the great things you'll get to see when you come visit! Oh and the homeless people, there were lots of those too.

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  1. WAHOO....I got my very own shout out on your blog. I feel SOOOOOOOO special! Thanks for the pic. Even though it's dark I can see the wedding dress. I'm taken back to the wedding party at Snowbasin when we went ridding. LOVE the sweet exercise equipment...LUCKY!