Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dominican Republic

After a week of being in Kansas we left for our last big hoorah before becoming recommitted to employment. We went to Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic for a week. We flew from Kansas City to Miami and then from Miami to the D.R. We had a great time and the weather and beach was amazing. We stayed at an ok resort. It wasn't nearly as nice as the place we stayed for our honeymoon and was kind of a disappointment. Our first day there we used as a beach relax day. Unfortunately we were temporarily brain dead that day and didn't think to put on sunscreen until it was too late and I got fried like a lobster. Like really, it was super bad. The next day we went on this amazing hike called 27 Waterfalls. We couldn't take our camera with us because we couldn't keep it dry. Basically you hike through the jungle up this river and then when you come down you get to jump off of a bunch of water falls and cliffs and slide down natural slides. It was so much fun. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. The next day we went on a dune buggy adventure which was really just driving crappy go karts through a field. It was fun at first but after about 30 minutes my back was starting to hurt really bad and it just wasn't that much fun. They kept taking us to these spots where they would just try to sell you crap. They did take us to an amazing beach where we got to jump in the ocean and clean off the mud.
We also went to Ocean World which is their version of a small Sea World. It was pretty fun because there were very few people there. We got to go through these bird exhibits where the birds actually sat on our heads and shoulder. We also went snorkeling in a little kiddie pool and saw the dolphin and sea lion shows. It was very touristy but it was fun. We didn't get any pictures, which is a theme for the trip because we were too worried about our camera being stolen. The other days we pretty much just hung out at the beach and ate the average food they had at the resort.

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