Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's True!!!

It's True!!! I'm sure you've all heard the rumor about how if you drop your phone in water you can stick it in rice for a few days and it will suck the water out and your phone will be fine. I've always wondered if this is true but never had the 'opportunity' to find out for myself. Well unfortunately I found this out for myself recently. Yep, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Worst. Day. Ever.

I've seen people post updates on Facebook about how their phone isn't working because they dropped it in the toilet and I always thought to myself, "what a moron, how do you drop your cell phone in the toilet?" Well, I'm that moron and this is my story:

It's really quite simple actually. I was wearing jeans at work and I put my phone in my back pocket. I went to go to the bathroom and forgot to take my phone out of my pocket so when I dropped my pants/bent over the phone took a swan dive right into the toilet. I heard the thunk/splash and my heart dropped because I immediately realized my mistake. I turned around to see this:

(Not the actual toilet, or my cell phone pictured above)

I didn't even think I just reacted and reached in and grabbed my phone out of the bowl. I hurried and wrapped it in toilet paper and tried to dry it off. Then I started shaking it vigorously to try and get any water that was inside it out of it.

Then I sat down and peed.

Then I cried.

Okay I didn't really cry but I wanted to.

After washing my hands THOUROUGHLY I returned to my desk where I immediately emailed Jeremy to ask him what to do. He told me to turn my phone off, which I did and to try blow drying with my hair dryer (thank goodness for having my shower stuff at work!). So I spent a good chunk of time blow drying my phone. After work Jeremy took the phone apart and used some compressed air on it and the blow dryer again. Then he put everything back together, stuck it in a bag of rice and let it sit all night. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine so I think my phone survived it's first and hopefully only toilet bowl swim.

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