Monday, June 27, 2011

Swamp People

People of the World, you need to listen to me. This is probably top 5 most important things I have blogged about yet. You all need to start watching Swamp People. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We have been watching it since it started and it is about to finish up Season 2. Seriously, people do what you gotta do but start watching this show. It is on the History Channel and it is so good. It follows all these alligator fishermen in Louisiana. They only have a few weeks each year to hunt gators and this documents their stories. We have learned so much from this show that we didn't even know existed. First, who knew you needed subtitles to understand what people are saying who live just a few states away? Second, did you know there is a fish that is half gator half fish? I didn't think it even existed but it does, it's front is like a gator and it's back is like a fish and it jumps out of the water and is crazy looking.

This is Junior and Willie, they are a father son combo and we really like them. Willie is so skinny but he just holds onto that rope and hauls those gators in. He actually got shot, by his dad, in one episode and just kept right on fishing. He is crazy. It is also pretty funny how he will be wrestling a gator and all the while a small little cigarette is dangling from his mouth. Too funny! Sometimes when Junior and Willie see a gator just swimming in the open water they use this hook thing and just throw it out in the water and try to hook the gator and then yank it up so they can shoot it. It is really impressive.

RJ and Jay Paul. This is another father son combo and they were just added to the show this year. These two are fighters and they will get into it with anybody. Poachers. Other fishermen. Big huge barges making waves in the canal. They are also very buff.

Tommy and Joe. Joe is Tommy's step father but they have been fishing together for a long time. These two are pretty funny. Tommy is constantly screwing up by not putting bullets in the gun, or leaving stuff and Joe is always on his case. But when they have a good fishing day they are hilarious to watch.

Clint and Troy. Troy is by far our favorite person on the show. He has a great accent and is constantly saying things like "Shoot Em!!!!" or "It's a tree shaker, we got a tree shaker!". Troy is also super nice and super good.

If this hasn't gotten you excited I don't know what will. Start watching today!

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  1. I think that if you're watching this show you have WAYY TOO MUCH free time!