Monday, June 27, 2011

Running Fools

As I mentioned in my previous blog Jeremy and I have been training for a half-marathon. We started training in March and the race was June 6. We ran in the Utah Valley Half-Marathon. The race started in Provo Canyon close to the Sundance turnoff and we ran down the canyon and along University Avenue in Provo to Center Street. We had a great time. Don't get me wrong, it was extremely difficult and I struggled to get through it but it really was a good experience and we are both really happy that we decided to buckle down and do it. We had a lot of fun through the training process which included me taking a nose dive on one training run and completely falling on the sidewalk because I didn't pick my feet up high enough, I also puked up GU in front of a line of cars at a traffic light and did other equally embarrassing things throughout our training.

Now before you read the rest of my post you need to read this article:

I read this article a few months ago and found it very intriguing because I had always wondered why you never really heard of athletes having to go take a potty break even though that happens in real life. Well during our race I experienced the cold hard truth of pushing your body farther than you have pushed it before and had some intestinal issues. All I could think about while running was how I didn't want to be the girl to poop her pants running through the finish line. I couldn't focus on anything else. Finally at mile 11 we stopped at the port-a-potties but I got performance anxiety. Again at mile 12 I had to race to the bathroom to ensure that I wouldn't have one of the experiences mentioned in the article. I hadn't had any issues while training so I don't know why this happened on race day but after the race Jeremy told me his stomach wasn't feeling so great either so that made me feel better. I kind of want to do another one so that we can get a better time by not taking bathroom breaks along the way but I don't know if my body can handle it. I am just not a runner.

Here are some pictures from the race.

Asking for Water

So Tired

Happy we got our medals!

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  1.'re my inspiration! Way to run, run, run...and NOT poop your pants at the finish line! ;-)