Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spit up, power, and cardigans

These boys of ours are spitty! Don't worry we've already been 'those parents' that call the pediatrician freaking out about spit up. Twice. I left the boys for a few hours to go get my mom haircut on and Hayden welcomed me back by sharing his meal with me. See first pic.

The Midwest has recently gone through some major snow storms and we were snowed in twice. With the second storm we lost power for about 6 hours during the day. Luckily we were rescued and went to Mel and Ashwin's for the day. Unluckily we went home that night and lost power again around 9. It got down to be a cool 60 something in our house before it kicked back on around 2. We brought the boys mattress out to the living room and all slept there so we could make sure they stayed warm. See second pic.

Cardigan bros. See pic three.

Hunter loves to sleep with his hands straight up in the air. It is pretty funny to watch his little arms go up and down wile he is sleeping. See pic four.

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