Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Truth Game

I've been thinking of ways to make my blog more interesting, or at the least to start blogging more, especially since Jeremy is in school and we probably won't be traveling too much anymore, at least for the next year. The best idea I have come up with so far is to have a weekly Truth Game blog. I love the Truth Game. Not sure if it is a real game or just something I made up, but I've been playing it for years. The Truth Game is pretty simple, you ask a question and the person HAS to tell the truth, it's a rule. I love this game and I love to make people play it even when they roll their eyes at me. However, I also love to break the only rule, and never tell any truth about myself. I think this is fun! It tends to bother others for some reason though.

So I will now be doing a Truth Game blog where I reveal an interesting, unknown or unique truth about myself or Jeremy. I included Jeremy since I figured it might be easier to post things about him than about myself.

So for the first truth....drum roll secret lifetime career goal is to own my own commercial lawn mowing business. That's right, lawn mowing. I said it.

I've had this dream since I was young. My parents bought a lawn mowing business from our neighbors so that they could teach us to work. I'm sure I am remembering this experience being a lot more positive than it actually was but whatever the reality was I look back on that and think it is the perfect job for me. Whenever I walk into work and the lawn mowing company is there working on the landscaping I get ridiculously envious. I picture them outside all day doing some nice manual labor, and me trapped in the prison of my little cube starring at my computer screen all day. And then I begin the cry. Okay, it's not quite that dramatic but seriously, what is better than being outside all day? You get to be really tan. I'm sure you lose a lot of weight by being so active. People think you are cool. And the biggest perk? You get to set your own schedule!!! It's perfect.

I envision having this fleet of trucks with attached trailers loaded with the latest in lawn mowing equipment. I of course would have a clipboard and look very official as I organize my troops each morning and send them out across the valley to mow, trim and weed.

It would be awesome.

I don't know if I would actually do the mowing. Probably at first before my company becomes a really big deal. After I have run every teenager based mowing company out of business I would probably be too important and busy to do the actual mowing, I would just run the company. I seriously still have dreams of doing this. I feel like it is perfect because you could work really hard during the warm weather months and then just hibernate in the winter; or use the trucks to open a snow removal business. I haven't decided if I find the snow removal as magical as the lawn mowing though.

So there you have it, I desire to be a professional mower and some days I seriously consider it. I feel like it is a really viable career option because people generally hate mowing the lawn and no matter how bad the economy gets, the grass is still going to grow.


  1. Well I love the truth game...but I especially love this blog truth game of yours because you were guilty of not abiding by the ONE rule all too you will. SWEET! I LOVE this bit of revealed truth! I will be your first employee. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and like mowing the sign me up. :-)

  2. If I can afford you and we live by each other, I will hire you:) Good luck with your dreams.

  3. ha ha this story reminded me of your old blue truck and your lawn mowing days.

  4. I remember a whole lot of complaints coming from you when you had to mow lawns. However, I do remember that you loved getting tan. haha. :)