Sunday, October 31, 2010

Construction, Anniversary, and other Happenings

First things first...the pipe drama is over!!! Well, knock on wood and hope for the best I guess. We had our pipes replaced and it has brought a huge sense of relief to us. It was stressful knowing that at any moment we could have a pipe burst. Even though it was expensive to fix we are happy that it is done and we can move on, and hopefully the value of our place will stop decreasing!!!

Here's the damage

Luckily everything has been restored to its proper order and it only took a week! Plus, our downstairs neighbor finally had his ceiling replaced (thanks to a few reminder emails from Jer to the owner) so we no longer have to listen to his insane ranting and raving from the shower every single night!!! I think I might be more happy about this than I am about the pipes even.

Jer and I also celebrated our one year anniversary this month. Yep, that's right, we made it a year! Since we are poor now we had to utilize a gift card I won in my company golf tournament and went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Jer was then able to score a sweet KSLDeal and get us a room at The Armstrong Mansion, a local bed and breakfast. We wanted to go mountain biking at Snow Basin the next day but turns out the lifts are closed for the season so we ended up going to Heber and golfing with my brother Collin and then having dinner with him and my dad. On Saturday we were able to hang out with my friend April and her husband Ben who were in town. We went to The Scarlet Pimpernel and really enjoyed it. It was really fun to see them and an overall, really good relaxing weekend.

We've also had a fun sporting month. We got free Jazz tickets for the final preseason game because we donated some food to the food bank. We are REALLY looking forward to this NBA season. Go Jazz!!

We also got tickets to the BYU vs. Wyoming football game and our seats were sweet and BYU actually won so it was a great game to attend.

And finally to end this blog post of randomness, two final random thoughts. Have you tried this?

Cafe Rio Queso. Try it. Love it.


I don't know what this guy is listening to or taking, but I want it, because anyone who is that energized and in to his workout must be doing something right.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys did a lot to celebrate. That is nice you replaced your pipes especially if you will be renting out your place. Jeremy is lucky to have a wife that likes sports as much as you do:)