Friday, July 27, 2012

Sometimes you throw up, and sometimes you pee your pants

Sometimes you just have to throw up uncontrollably as you walk from your building to your car leaving work for the day.  And sometimes, just sometimes, because of the violent upheaval taking place you also might pee your pants. 

Yep, we're having twins.  It is crazy and I have been sick basically non-stop which is not a lot of fun.  Obviously the highest point of my sickness was the above mentioned little story.  It was a series of unfortunate events really.  Or just poor decisions on my part.

I had brought a lunch plus all of my snacks to work that day but couldn't get the main lunch down.  So I went to the cafe and bought a lunch.  Which I also couldn't get down.  So I thought, maybe I'll be alright with just these snacks.  I was wrong.

As I was walking down the three flights of stairs I noticed I was starting to feel quite ill and I thought to myself, just focus on chewing your gum that will help.  I also noticed that apparently many people leave at this time because quite the line of people was forming behind me.  As I got to the first floor I thought to myself, should I go in the bathroom just in case I'm going to be sick?  No, I said, just get to the car.  For some reason that thought, of get to the car overpowered every other sense of reason in my body. 

As I exited the building I was immediately hit with the wave of heat that is KC in the summer.  It was terrible.  Again I noticed the large amount of people surrounding me and I really wished they would go away because now I was really feeling ill.  But to the car I pushed.  I made it past a few cars on my what seemed like mile long journey to my car and knew I would indeed be throwing up very soon.  So logically I turned around headed back inside and to the bathroom right?  Nope, I just opened my lunch sack that had my uneaten lunch and kept right on walking.  And then I started puking.  Of course I was keenly aware of the people around me so I started bobbing and weaving between cars trying to avoid being seen, all the while heaving non-stop.  But I kept on walking.  Never once did I think, hey just duck behind this car, get your puke on and then be on your way.  The entire time I just kept thinking I should avoid people and keep walking. 

Unfortunately my body can only multitask so much.  The puking, dodging in and out of cars and walking was the max I could handle; unfortunately again I had to pee.  So as I continued to walk and puke with each lurch of my stomach out came a little pee.  And by the time I made it to the car, I had completely peed my pants. 

So yeah, when you ask me how pregnancy has been. . . I've been better. 


  1. OOOOOOOHHHHHH MMMMMMMYYYYY GOOOOOSSSSHHH!!!!!! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!! Congrats to you and Jeremy, I cannot believe it! I too have had quite the throw up/pee my pants history with both of my pregnancies. Good news is, after the babies come, you will pee your pants doing just about anything. :) WOW, I am in complete shock over here! Twins!! I just need to stop typing because this is too much! Congrats a millions times!!!!

  2. I can’t believe you having twins! Did you spend a lot of time in EO?

  3. Congratulations to you guys and good luck. It just amazes me that moms do this over and over despite the sickness and such, although I must admit that I haven't yet peed my pants from pregnancy. Bummer on that one, friend. Best of luck with the nausea and puking. No fun for sure. Do you guys know if they're boys/girls? When are you due?

  4. Wow! I'm laughing and Ellie is laughing too(copying me). Sooooo funny and miserable all at the same time. I totally relate to the peeing your pants thing, thankfully not the puking. Pregnancy is sooooo glamorous on every level!

  5. Twins??? That is so awesome! Congrats. That will be so much fun. I hope you get feeling a little better, being sick is no fun at all. I am seriously so excited for you guys!