Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family of Four!

It's official we are a family of four!  It is so weird.  Jeremy and I took the boys out on Saturday to run to Target.  We only had an hour but it was our first non medical related outing.  We were talking as we loaded the boys car seats onto the stroller about how weird it is that this is now our life, the four of us.  When we go places from now on it will involve a huge production to get us all out and about.  Everything in our life revolves around these two little stinkers and when they need to eat.  I know it won't be like this forever but for now it is a TON of work to get anything done.  We knew it would be a lot of work having twins but we didn't realize how much, I guess it's something you really can't prepare for.

The most surprising thing is how soon their little personalities are showing through. Our little Hayden is such a little spit fire.  Don't mess with this dude I'm telling you.  He may be small but he's got a lot of fight.  I call him my little meerkat.  If you ever saw that show meerkat manor that is why.  He just gets crazy and arches his whole body up, purses his lips together, gets all wide eyed and then starts swinging his head back and forth like one of those meerkat's on watch for attack.  It is hysterical, although not so much fun when he needs to burp and ends up spitting out all his food because he's flopping about like a fish.  The phrase, 'settle down' is said a lot during feeding time with this guy.

Then there is sweet, sweet Hunter who could not be more opposite from his fireball brother. He is just so sweet and calm.  He goes at his own slow and steady pace and doesn't get easily ruffled at all.  When he's awake he just calmly looks around and surveys his universe.  He is also huge!  The kid is a tank I swear, he's almost 8 lbs already.  I guess that's really not big but they were both so little he just seems like a little tank now.

More pics of the boys together.

I love this pic because Hunter is looking at Hayden like Dude what is your problem because he was squaking already.


  1. That video is heart-melting! Aaah! So cute! Congrats, they are so perfect!

  2. They are simply ADORABLE! Yes, you make a pretty good lookin' family of four. Congrats, you two! Wish we lived closer to come and hold them! Jealous!!!

  3. I was just thinking about you today wondering when you were going to post some pictures of the little guys. Thanks for reading my mind! They're adorable!!! Good luck with the adjusting period. Hopefully they start sleeping through the night soon. :)