Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

You know how New Year's Eve always has tons of anticipation and you feel like you should do something really awesome and then it always turns out to be super lame? Well, if I had known on New Year's Eve that it would be my last night of a full night of sleep I would have spent the entire day in bed, asleep.  I basically did spend the entire day on my back as I had been on modified bed rest for almost a month but I would have cherished my last bit of uninterrupted sleep had I known what was coming the next morning.

I woke up New Year's Day ready to spend the day watching football and hanging out with Jeremy but as I got out of bed and went to the bathroom my plans for the day were quickly changed as I realized that I had large amounts of fluid flowing out of me for no apparent reason.  Even I was pretty sure my water had broken even though I was hoping that somehow I was just confused.  After a quick call to my sister to have another person confirm what was happening, and a call to the on-call Dr. Jeremy and I headed to the hospital arriving around 10:00, and by 12:43 we were parents, and by 12:44 we were a family of four.

We hadn't decided on names for the boys because we thought we had a bit more time, and Jer kept saying he would decide on the way to the hospital. . . he did not, we were too busy freaking out!  The boys were born at 35 weeks and both were immediately taken to the NICU.  Baby A who eventually became Hayden Mitchell Hart had a hard time maintaining his body temperature and had some blood sugar issues.  Baby B who is now Hunter Rodney Hart struggled a bit more.  They think Hayden is the one who was ready to come and ruptured the membranes or something like that so even though he was smaller he was more ready to be born.  Hunter was more just ripped on out and wasn't quite ready and his lungs were sticking and he was working really hard to breathe.

I had to stay in the recovery room for awhile so Jer went back and forth between the babies and I, it was a very stressful day for him.  Finally they wheeled my bed right into the NICU so that I could sort of meet the boys.  I was able to hold Hayden and that is when we decided on his name but I wasn't able to hold Hunter because he was under the bubble so he remained nameless because I wanted to at least hold him first.

I had to go to my room for the rest of the day and wasn't able to go back to the NICU until the next day.  It was definitely not the way I imagined this day to be.  Finally the next day they let me get out of bed and go down to the NICU and I was able to hold Hunter.

I blame myself for the boys coming five weeks early because all day on the 31st I was talking about how they should come so we could get a tax break or they should be the first babies of the year so that we could get the free stuff.  They did neither.  It's always my big mouth that gets me in trouble.  We are just so glad that they were healthy and just needed some more time to grow.

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