Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring, destroying our flooring...

This is how my Tuesday night/Wednesday morning went. The Jazz played in and won an incredibly important and intense game, during which I vowed to name my first born D-Will in honor of his performance. It was a great game and we were really mad we decided not to get tickets. I even managed to stay awake for all of the overtime which is nothing short of a miracle. Because of the game we went to bed much later than normal and I was really tired. Around 2:30 I woke up because Jeremy was climbing out of bed and saying something. And that's when I heard it....the sound of rushing water.

I bolted out of bed to help search for the source. That's when we discovered that there was no water to be found, the sound was coming from inside the wall. It sounded like there was water gushing through the wall though. We turned off the water to our place and the noise stopped. I called the emergency line that was listed by the HOA and got a hold of someone who informed me there was nothing he could do about getting into the units below us so we just had to wait until morning.

Once morning came we discovered that the shared wall between our bathroom and bedroom closet had a pipe burst inside of it. The water had gone straight down through the wall and successfully flooded the two units below us and the bottom unit on the backside of the building. Our condo didn't receive too much damage, just some wet walls that needed to be dried out by fans. The other units did not fair nearly as well.

The two units directly below us received the most damage and will need to have a lot of dry wall work done in the closets, bathrooms, hallways and master bedrooms. The unit on the back side just needed to have the carpet ripped up, drying and then will need to be put back together. We only had to rip off some of the baseboards in our place in order for the fans to be able to dry the walls properly. It looks like our insurance is going to cover our unit, but they are investigating to determine if they think we are liable for the other units. I'm sure if they decide we aren't liable they won't pay for those units to be fixed and we will become to most popular people in the complex!

On a brighter note, Jeremy and I will be heading to New York City on Wednesday so we hope to have most of this taken care of by then so we can relax and enjoy ourselves!


  1. Very, very, sad. And wet, by the looks of it! Hope you have a fun trip to NYC. When are you coming to visit FL??

  2. Oh my gosh, how awful. What a freak thing, to have your pipes burst? Do they know the cause? Hopefully it will all work out with the insurance. Have fun in NY!

  3. That is terrible! Why would if be your responsibility to pay for the others? I hope I never wake up to the sound of rushing water in my walls...good luck!