Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let's Hear It For New York!!!

We were able to take some time off work and away from our failing water system to go to New York City and Boston. We had a great time. We ate a ton of good food, saw a Yankee's game, Jersey Boys, had a backstage tour of Jersey Boys, watched the Boston Marathon, learned some U.S. History on the Freedom Trail and did a lot of walking!

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to have lunch at this great pizza place. The pizza was amazing!

I'm still working on converting Jer to my love of Apple.

Jersey Boys was like being at a concert, the music was amazing!

One of Jer's favorite stops was lunch at Sylvia's in Harlem before the Yankee's game. They have good old fashioned soul food. He got the fried chicken and I got the ribs, and with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese for sides how can you go wrong?

Jer love's his Yankee's. It was pouring rain and freezing so I wore just about every article of clothing I brought to try and keep warm during the game. We got to see C.C. Sabathia pitch and they won!

I have to admit, I learned that I know very little about U.S. History on this trip. We ended up buying a little book so that I could play tour guide and we could actually know the significance of the things were seeing.

On of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the Boston Marathon. They basically shut the city down and everyone comes out and cheers on the runners. We were right near the finish line and the streets were just packed with people. People were hanging out of building windows cheering on the runners. One of the best parts was when we saw this group of army soldiers running in full gear. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for sappy sports stories but this was really inspirational. When they came running by in full gear everyone was going nuts trying to urge them to the finish. It was really awesome. We couldn't get many good pictures from the marathon because everyone kept running but just trust me when I say it was awesome.


  1. FUN times...looks like you went with some COOL people ;-)

  2. What a fun trip. I really want to go to New England coast again. That is great you went with Melissa, I bet you had a blast.