Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Water WARS!!!

I like water, I really do.

I like swimming in it

I like hiking in it

I even like playing in the rain every now and then

And as just about everyone knows I believe that hydration is the key to success in life so I definitely like drinking it. But recently I've been getting the feeling that water has it out for me. I don't know what I did, but it must have been bad. After we had our flood we jetted over to NYC and Boston for a little vacation where it proceeded to be the warmest it's been all year in Utah and freezing cold rain wherever we went. But I was willing to just accept that as bad luck and move on. However, today I returned to work and then came home to meet the pipe engineer that our insurance company sent over to investigate why our pipe burst. I took him back to the closet and he snapped a few pictures, reached down and grabbed the pipe to try and get a better pic and...

The pipe just burst AGAIN right there in front of me. It started spraying water like crazy and I started screaming, the pipe man started screaming, there was much screaming. He jumped forward and grabbed for the pipe and ran and turned off the water. I don't know what the deal is but I'm going to assume that I offended the almighty water spirit somewhere and this is my punishment. So now our pipe has been fixed AGAIN and we are now looking in to the cost of replacing all the pipes in this place.


  1. So sad....but at the same time kinda funny! I wish I could have been there for all the screaming. I can just picture you screaming and being sprayed with water ;-) SORRY about round 2 with the pipe. You DO have bad luck with water. Notice how now that we're home it's suppose to rain AGAIN!?

  2. What the LUCK. Sorry the weather was a bummer for your trip, and I'm especially sorry to hear about your pipes - that would have been pretty funny to watch. . . all that screaming!