Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas/New Year's/Etc.

For our first Christmas together we were able to go up to Heber to be with my family. It was fun and I was excited for Jeremy to be introduced to sticky buns, cereal in stockings and other Hopkins traditions. The day after Christmas we headed up to "the frozen tundra of Soda Springs" to spend the weekend with the Harts. We had a nice relaxing weekend up there and then it was back to work.

Luckily most of Jeremy's family was able to come down to Salt Lake for New Year's and we were able to go to First Night (I know it has a new name but I can't remember it) with Melanie and Ashwin. First night was kind of lame. There were maybe 200 people. The coolest part was the tribute band competition, however we missed most of it. After walking around downtown for awhile we headed home to have a Rockband party. This was so funny. Jeremy's brothers were out of control and we had some good laughs.

We also received Jazz tickets for Christmas and were able to go to two games.

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