Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Goal

I love to tell stories! Mainly because I think I'm really funny and so nothing is better than having a group of people sitting around listening to me tell a story. Of course, it is better when they are laughing really hard, reinforcing one of my core beliefs that I am really funny. However, a huge problem has occurred in that I up and got married and have thus far become a boring married person. This is very depressing to me, but true. So alas, I am forced to join the blogging world to send into cyber space all of my incredibly funny stories, and or my ranting and raving about some issue, television show, or random person I saw walking down the street. I hope to not be annoying or one of those "my life is overly perfect" people who we all know and equally hate (however, we continue following their blog so what does that say about us???).

Anyway...this blog will be dedicated to me (and possibly Jeremy) writing anything that I feel may need to be said to to the world and any followers of this blog (probably just my sister and dad). Well that's the goal anyway, and we all know how goals sometimes turn out. ..

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