Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honeymoon in Cancun

The day after our wedding we headed to Cancun! This was not without drama though. We flew from SLC to Atlanta and then headed on a smaller plane from Atlanta to Cancun. On this second leg of our journey we hit some really bad weather and the plane seemed to just drop right out of the air for a few seconds. It was by far the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. We flew up and out of our seats and I banged my head on the window on the way up. People were screaming. Tears were probably shed. All I know is we dropped and I instantly thought we were going down and that we were going to die and I was terrified, I kept thinking, "are you kidding me? We've been married for ONE day and I'm going to die!" Jeremy grabbed my hand and reassuringly told me that at least if we were going to die, we'd go together...not really comforting honey.

After we landed things started getting much better. The resort we stayed at was amazing. It was brand new and everything was immaculately done. The hotel employees were so nice and kept saying, "it's a pleasure" to anything that we said, it was pretty funny. Pretty much we did a lot of eating, since it was all inclusive. As soon as we got to our room we ordered room service and had a wonderful welcome meal of mac and cheese and cheesecake!

One night at dinner we were enjoying the romantic setting of the Mexican Restaurant. We were done with our meal and ready to leave but Jeremy had to use the bathroom. As he got up from the table he pushed himself up which caused the table to move and spilled my glass of water not on my dress but down my dress. I was wearing a dress with a tank top underneath and the glass of water spilled perfectly down the space between the tank top and my body, which allowed the water to quickly slide right down me until I was sitting in a pool and completely soaked! It was so funny, we were just glad that the restaurant was relatively empty and very dark!

Besides doing a lot of eating, we were able to go scuba diving. This is something that neither one of us had ever done. In order to be able to go you have to do a "certification" course. This takes about an hour and consisted of Jeremy and I with the instructor, swimming around a 3 foot deep swimming pool with scuba gear on. We got to see fascinating things like, people's legs as they stood in the pool, and weird floaties that I didn't really want to think about. They taught us the signs that are used to communicate while diving and how to breath and clear your mask. Clearing your mask is a key part of diving because inevitably you will get water in your mask and you have to get it out. This terrified me. I can't even go under water without plugging my nose. The first time I tried it I started choking and had to come out of the water. I was only able to successfully clear my mask once in the pool. This was not comforting me before we headed out to dive in the ocean. I was pretty sure that I was going to get out there and choke on the salt water and die! But we had paid the money so off we went...

We went out to sea on this tiny little catamaran and luckily we weren't on the boat more than 10 minutes because I was already feeling sick. We put our gear on and then we were told to sit on the edge of the boat and then fall backwards to get in the water. I was sitting there working up my courage when the catamaran driver came up to me and said "one, two, three" and pushed me off. This was not helping. So now I'm in the water still not sure if this is something I should be doing. So we head down about 20 feet or so and I was shocked at how bad my ears hurt. I was not at all prepared for the pressure. I knew I had to pop my ears but I am also terrified of doing this because I think I'm going to do some sort of permanent damage. But the pain was getting so bad that I had to do it. We then proceeded to go on our dive around a coral reef. It was really cool and we saw some cool things. I had a very difficult time staying down though, I kept just floating up to the surface. Finally our instructor got sick of having to pull me back down and he took a weight out of his belt and put it in my pocket, which promptly dropped me to the ocean floor. So I continue on my way basically just gliding along the ocean floor, being terrified of having to clear my mask, and pretty sure I might die at any moment. Finally, we came to the end and were able to go up. I was relieved. In the end it was a good experience and I'm glad we did it, but I would say the 45 minutes we were under water were plenty for me.

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