Sunday, February 28, 2010

History Lesson

Since I am a little behind the times with starting this blog I need to do a few history lessons. I want to catch up on everything that I have missed writing down, unfortunately that would be impossible, but I am going to at least write down the major events, as I remember them.

So to recap....Jeremy and I were engaged. The evening was extremely romantic and memorable, it started out at the Bee's game with free dinner paid for by Nelson Labs (aka my company summer party)! Every girls dream really. We had a three course meal, prepared by one of the greatest chefs in Salt Lake. Hot Dogs, Nachos and a Churro for dessert served by some guy named Juan. It really was magical. I immediately knew something was up after being fed such a gourmet meal, in such an amazing setting.

After baseball we were set to meet up with some friends to try our hand at some go-kart driving. I was really excited because the go-kart crowd is really where I find my kind of people.

We headed downtown to meet up with our friends and at this point I was thinking, wow what did I ever do to deserve such an evening of excitement, but for some reason didn't really suspect a proposal, which looking back I definitely should have because of all the romantic things we had been doing. We ended up parking right behind the conference center which being the kind person that I am commented, "hey we should park underneath to see if you can crash your car into a pole again like on our first date!" "HaHa" was the nervous laugh I received from Jeremy in reply to my wit. At this point Jeremy basically starts racing me into the conference center and I start to wonder what is going on and why can I feel his heart pounding in his hand? We walked in and there was a little old man who seemed to be expecting us and I started getting suspicious. So they race us up to the roof and then suddenly the little old man disappears (a strange turn of events) and we are alone on the roof. Jeremy takes me around a corner and there is a table set up with a white table cloth, pictures of us and roses and candles everywhere, it really was breathtaking...especially since the sprinklers turned on and were spraying directly at us! That's when we get in to all the cheesy and sappy love story stuff where Jeremy got down on one knee, told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and all that stuff, proposed and I said yes. Then our friends came out and took some pictures for us and shared the whole story of their elaborate scheming.

So we were engaged on the roof of the building where we had spent our first date... cleaning bathrooms! Yes, I know, another dream come true!

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